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Self Storage Unit Sizes Weaverville WeavervilleOur Self Storage Unit Sizes

Moving is stressful and choosing between self storage unit sizes can be daunting. We’re here to make your transition easy and convenient. Just call us, we are here to help. Below, we’ve broken down the overall uses for the different self storage unit sizes. From non-climate controlled storage units  to climate controlled storage units, we have an array of different units suitable for different uses and needs. Some of our customers are local retailers, distributors, hotels, craftsmen and professionals. Our facility is over 45,000 square feet of storage and about 425 units, so we normally have enough units available for all of your storage needs. Our units offer standard 8 foot ceiling storage units with standing seam roofs and our climate controlled hallways are about 5 feet wide.

Asheville (Ace) Storage
In our Asheville Storage location, Ace Storage, the smallest self storage unit size we offer is 5×10, while the largest self storage unit we offer is a 10×40.  Contact Us
Weaverville Storage
If you’re looking for a climate-controlled unit or storage units in Weaverville, we offer those in our Weaverville location called Weaverville Storage. More Info

5 X 5

Self Storage Unit Sizes Weaverville

This size will hold one room of furniture and miscellaneous boxes. Some examples are: small furniture, a computer, a dresser, filing cabinets, small refrigerator/microwave-oven, armchair, boxes, and/or other appliances.

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5 X 10

Weaverville Self Storage 10x10 Unit

This size will hold two rooms of furniture and miscellaneous boxes. It’s essentially big enough for a one bedroom apartment including furniture, major appliances, boxes or small commercial inventory.

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5 X 15

10 x 15 Self Storage Unit in Weaverville

This size will hold three rooms of furniture and miscellaneous boxes or a two bedroom apartment including furniture, major appliances, lots of boxes, outdoor equipment and more. Small commercial inventory.

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10 X 10

Weaverville NC Self Storage Unit 10x20

This size will hold four rooms of furniture or a three-bedroom house. This includes: miscellaneous boxes, midsize commercial inventory, furniture, appliances, boxes, yard decorations, and much more.

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10 X 30

10x30 Weaverville Self Storage Unit

At one of our most-popular units, this size will hold about five rooms of furniture, or an entire large home. Some examples are: appliances, furniture, boxes, a car, truck or midsize boat. Large commercial inventory and miscellaneous boxes.

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